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Important Note

This is an archival area for a variety of documentation and design pages developed for the LBNE Collaboration which has since reorganized and became a part of DUNE Collaboration. This area is not actively maintained. There isn't any guarantee that the materials presented here are up-to-date or relevant - they are kept here for reference by the computing experts and managers.

If you are looking for DUNE Computing, please access this page here.


  • Crucial mailing list: More info on the Mailing Lists page.

Previous Priorities (LBNE Archive)

Priorities for the software and computing work.

Software Tools

LBNE Software

Underlying Software Components and Tools

  • art, a ROOT-based suite of tools, libraries, and applications for processing detector events.
  • LArSoft, an art-based framework for simulating liquid argon drift detectors. As of Jan 24, 2014, LArSoft transitioned from svn/SRT to git/mrb/ups.

New Tools




Open Science Grid

While not a facility or even an owner of a facility, the Open Science Grid (OSG) Consortium is an important component of the national Grid Computing infrastructure in the US as it facilitates access to High-Throughput Computing facilities for many research institutions and collaborations. LBNE enjoys the support of the OSG and has a Virtual Organization (VO) status with the Consortium.

  • Gratia monitoring tool which shows Open Science Grid resource utilization.