DUNE LAr Software Releases

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Releases of lbnecode are installed at FNAL at


and on CVMFS at


Release tar files may be downloaded from the SciSoft lbnecode product area. Untar these in the local products area, e.g.

cd ~/myproducts
tar xf ~/Downloads/lbnecode-03.04.05-slf6-x86_64-e6-prof.tar.bz2

Some release tar files may be found in /afs/fnal.gov/files/home/room1/dladams/reltars.

Missing dependencies may be found in the SciSoft packages area. However, there are very many of these and it is much easier to use CVMFS or to download the full set as a bundle. Follow the instructions on the html page linked from the desired release on the LArSoft bundle listing.

Building and installing lbnecode releases

Build and installation instruction may be found on the Redmine CVMFS page. In particular, this page has the instructions for synchronizing the CVMFS releases with those in the FNAL grid area.

The code I (D. Adams) use to build releases is lbne-larrel.

To install in FNAL grid area:

ssh lbne@lbnegpvm03.fnal.gov
cd /grid/fermiapp/products/lbne
tar xf /afs/fnal.gov/files/home/room1/dladams/reltars/lbnecode-03.04.05-slf6-x86_64-e6-prof.tar.bz2

To synchronize the CVMFS area with the grid area:

voms-proxy-init -noregen -voms lbne:/lbne/Role=Analysis
/grid/fermiapp/larsoft/home/larsoft/code/laradmin/cvmfs/oasis-sync -vrp lbne/lbnecode

To copy a tar file to SciSoft:

 copyToSciSoft /afs/fnal.gov/files/home/room1/dladams/reltars/lbnecode-03.04.05-slf6-x86_64-e6-prof.tar.bz2

The command script may be found at /afs/fnal.gov/files/home/room1/dladams/bin/copyToSciSoft or http://scisoft.fnal.gov/scisoft/bundles/tools/copyToSciSoft.

More information

Instructions for running and building lbnecode and larsoft at FNAL using mrb, git, etc. my be found here.

A package intended to simplify these procedure and allow running and development at other sites is lbne-dev.

The DUNE LArSoft-based SW lbnecode may be downloaded from on SciSoft. It may browsed using Redmine.

LArSoft is documented on the LArSoft wiki. See the Getting LArSoft link on that page for instructions on downloading LArSoft from scisoft or accessing it via CVMFS. For issues, follow the menu links "Issues" or "New issue" on the LArSoft Redmine page. Questions about LArSoft may be directed to the LArSoft mailing list.

Art code may be browsed with Redmine or LXR. Also, see the art workbook.

The art instructions for cmake are described in redmine. Upd-to-date instructions may be found at the top of $ART_DIR/Modules/ArtMake.cmake and friends

The qualifiers used to specify compilers and other products are described here.

Here are tagging instructions for uBooNE

LBNE 35-ton Data Model and Reconstruction

DUNE and LarSoft geometry

LBNE code repositories and their browsers

Many files are needed to create a new package. The mrb newProduct command can be used to create the skeleton for a new package. See the mrb reference guide.

Units are cm and ns (Tom, January 2015).

LBNE jobs may be submitted using the package lbneutil described in a talk by Tingjun.

LBNE geometries are summarized here.

The reconstruction used in the 35-ton simulation is specified in lbnecode/source/fcl/lbne35t/reco/standard_reco_lbne35t.fcl.

The 35-ton MC data samples are described here.

For information about the GENIE event generator, see the 2015 users's manual (2010 user's manual) and the developer's manual.

Debugging DUNE far detector SW