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Action Items for the Installation and Integration group

1. Cryostat design

TCO interface

  • List of the components using the TCO
    • -> Where is the info?
    • -> Who?
  • TCO dimensions
  • Space inside needed to close the TCO

Roof penetration locations

  • Detector support structure interference
  • -> Jack

Cable routing to the feedthroughs

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  • -> Who?

Floor loading

The floor loading will probably be defined by the areal lift needed to reach the roof. A draft of the installation proceed needs revised and then the equipment at each step listed.

Main Steps are:

Installation of the detector support structure Installation of cryogenic piping, Detector installation.

I added info on the areal lift on the installation page.

  • -> Where is the info?
  • -> Who?

2. Underground space

Plan for the work flow

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Ross Cage Design

Bill's proposal: docdb entry

  • -> Bill

Random information and questions

  • If we make the cage tall enough to fit the APA crate inside, the excavation equipment for CF may not fit inside because the cage reduces maximum width by ~4” (100 mm) as compared to a slung load
  • Making the cage taller also makes it heavier, reducing the weight capacity for both slung and cage loads
  • Can we do to the Yates shaft for some items? Boundary conditions.