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Action Items for the Installation and Integration group

1. Cryostat design

TCO interface

  • List of the components using the TCO
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  • TCO dimensions
  • Space inside needed to close the TCO

Roof penetration locations

  • Detector support structure interference
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  • Instrumentation feedthrus
  • HV feed thru
  • Detector readout feed thru

Cable routing to the feedthroughs

There are two options for reading out the lower APA. Either the cables are routed up through the upper APA or along the floor and up the wall. The floor option changes the number and location of the feedthrus. There are also grounding implications.

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Floor loading

The floor loading will probably be defined by the areal lift needed to reach the roof. A draft of the installation proceed needs revised and then the equipment at each step listed.

Main Steps are:

Installation of the detector support structure Installation of cryogenic piping, Detector installation.

I added info on the areal lift on the installation page.

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2. Underground space

Plan for the work flow

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Ross Cage Design

Bill's proposal: docdb entry

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Random information and questions

  • If we make the cage tall enough to fit the APA crate inside, the excavation equipment for CF may not fit inside because the cage reduces maximum width by ~4” (100 mm) as compared to a slung load
  • Making the cage taller also makes it heavier, reducing the weight capacity for both slung and cage loads
  • Can we do to the Yates shaft for some items? Boundary conditions.