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* [[35t_Test|Preparations for the 35t prototype test in 2015]]
* [[35t_Test|Preparations for the 35t prototype test in 2015]]
* [[LBNE_Geometry_Description_and_Model|Geometry]]
* [[LBNE_Geometry_Description_and_Model|Geometry]]

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What are these pages?

This is the new location for documentation created and used by LBNE members, mostly those located at BNL. As of October 2014, these pages are deployed with the following goals in mind:

  • To evaluate Mediawiki as a promising Collaborative Tool.
  • To provide an immediate solution for LBNE need to easy to use and powerful content management system.
  • To create a "single point of entry" (or "portal") for the Software and Computing (and other) web documentation and collaborative content. We do not intend or replace or supercede DocDB, or replace pages for software projects which rely on useful repository integration in Redmine etc.

Among other things, Mediawiki (the platform used to create these pages) is the principal framework used by www.wikipedia.org. Reasons for which we decided to evaluate Mediawiki are documented on a separate page. If you have questions or comments, please write to Maxim and Brett (potekhin AT bnl.gov, bv AT bnl.gov). There are useful links and information for getting started with this tool, in the Help entry of the navigation bar on the left.

Information for new members

If you just joined LBNE, welcome aboard! Information for new members.

Useful LBNE links


Current and future prototypes

Physics, planning, general interest

BNL pages

LBNE Computing

Please visit the LBNE Computing Web page. Some direct links: