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= LBNE Computing =
= LBNE Computing =
[[LBNE Computing]]
Please visit the [[LBNE Computing]] Web page.
== Organization ==
* [[Computing Effort Organization]]
* [[Computing Planning Process]]
* Priorities
** [[Computing Priorities|General Priorities]]
** [[35t Test|Preparations for the 35t LArTPC Prototype Test]]
* Computing Calendar
** Standing meetings
*** [http://lbne2-docdb.fnal.gov:8080/cgi-bin/ListBy?eventgroupid=15 List of important simulation and reconstruction meetings, including DAQ and 35t related topics]
*** [https://indico.fnal.gov/categoryDisplay.py?categId=394 FNAL Indico Pages] for the biweekly Software and Computing conference call
** Upcoming events
*** Upcoming Collaboration Meeting: January 22nd-25th 2015 (links TBA)
** Recent Events
*** [https://indico.fnal.gov/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=7668 Collaboration Meeting in February 2014]
*** [https://indico.fnal.gov/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=8125 Collaboration Meeting in July 2014]
== Major Software Components and Tools ==
* [https://web.fnal.gov/project/ArtDoc/SitePages/Home.aspx ''art''], a suite of tools, libraries, and applications for processing detector events.
* [https://github.com/brettviren/worch ''worch''], a meta-build orchestration system based on ''waf'' framework.
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What are these pages?

This is the new location for documentation created and used by LBNE members. As of October 2014, these pages are deployed on a "field trial basis". They are created and maintained using Mediawiki. Reasons for which we decided to make a move to Mediawiki are documented on a separate page.

These are some useful links for getting started with Mediawiki:

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LBNE Computing

Please visit the LBNE Computing Web page.