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Welcome to the DUNE Wiki!

Getting Help

Questions or comments about this Wiki? Please write to Maxim and Brett (potekhin AT, bv AT See the Help entry of the navigation bar on the left for more guidance about this wiki.

If you just joined DUNE, welcome aboard! Information for new members.

DUNE Institutions and people


Select publications by and about DUNE are collected in the Publications topic.


Useful CERN Links:

CERN Prototype

CERN Account Management

Once a membership is established, the account may be configured (e.g. one can create secondary and/or service accounts and apply for group membership at the CERN Account Management Page.

Detectors, Physics, planning, general interest

DUNE Far Detectors

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DUNE Computing

Please visit the DUNE Computing topic. Some direct links:

ProtoDUNE Cold Electronics Testing

Run Plan


  • FE warm testing should continue with the A series ASICs on hothdaq2
  • ADC cold single socket testing should continue with the D series ASICs on hothdaqs 4 &5
  • Brian/Justin will be working on quad socket ADC development on hothdaq3
  • Matt B will be testing CE boxes on hothdaq1
  • Oscillator and flash testing complete for now (big thank you to Jim for flash testing the past two days and to Arbin/Brian for getting the flash setup operational so quickly)

If we run out of labeled A or D series ASICs, there are pens in the cabinet. Please self-certify as having good handwriting if you are going to label chips. I suggest doing no more than 50-100 at a time as handwriting deteriorates with fatigue.

Shift Sign-Up Calendar

Please sign shifts in the above google calendar and notify Shift co-ordinators and Shift leaders by sending them email. New shifter needs to take required trainings, sign up the ESR (Experiment Safety Review) and take training before shift.

Required Trainings

Below are the trainings required to work on Cold Electronics Testing

  • Cybersecurity (GE-CYBERSEC)
  • Physics department ALARA (PO-RADALARA-W)
  • Cryogen Safety (HP-OSH-025)

In addition to these trainings, shifter needs to get BNL Domain Account (Windows) to sign up the ESR

Shift E-log

Every shifter is required to fill the above google sheet during shift. Select the appropriate shift as per your shift station (hothdaq1, hothdaq2, hothdaq3 ans so..on) and fill all the fields as listed in the sheet. Write proper and detailed description of the Run in the "Notes" column, for example, if run fails, give full description of error occurred at what testing stage.

Shift leader is required to add daily shift summary at end of the shift in the above link. Along-with the shift summary, system experts should also add any changes occurring in testing code and releases etc. It is easy to get account in the e-log is anyone else interested.

Front-END ASIC Testing

Shifter I=instructions on FE ASIC test procedure.

ADC ASIC Testing

Shifter instructions on ADC ASIC test procedure.

Expert instructions on ADC ASIC test procedure

Oscillator Testing

Shifter instructions on Oscillator test procedure.

Flash Memory Tester

Shifter instructions on Flash memory test procedure.


We have shift leaders meeting on every Monday at 9:00 am (EDT) and Wednesday at 8:30 am (EDT). This meeting is reserved for making daily Run plans and expert discussion

We have weekly meeting on CE Testing Status on Friday at 2:00 am (EDT). The link to indico page for these meetings is listed below Cold Electronics Weekly Shift Mtg

Sign-up for email list to get meeting notifications.