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What are these pages?

This is the new location for documentation created and used by LBNE members. As of October 2014, these pages are deployed on a "field trial basis". They are created and maintained using Mediawiki. Reasons for which we decided to make a move to Mediawiki are documented on a separate page.

based on the following:
  • It pays to use an industry-standard tool which enjoys considerable community support and benefits from enormous development effort already invested in it over the years. Mediawiki powers tens of thousands of sites including major industrial companies and government organizations (source).
  • All indications are that the learning curve to start using it is fairly trivial
  • In many trials, the Redmine system used to manage some of the content created by and for LBNE personnel did not really satisfy the previous two bullet points, in part because it's main intention is to manage projects and documentation does not represent its central design motivation. This is reflected in the product which is not intuitive and where navigation is somewhat hampered when the user's goal is developing and browsing documentation. Installation base of Redmine is considerably less than that of Mediawiki.

These are some useful links for getting started with Mediawiki:

BNL pages

Useful LBNE links

LBNE Computing


Major Software Components and Tools

  • art, a suite of tools, libraries, and applications for processing detector events.
  • worch, a meta-build orchestration system based on waf framework.