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The RHIC/ATLAS Computing Facility houses a large computing cluster and support facilities at BNL. LBNE is a "customer" of this facility.

How To

How to transfer files

In general, RACF nodes are not visible from off site but there are various ways to transfer files to and from it.

LBNE Xrootd

LBNE is working an an Xrootd based system and RACF is one member of a "federated" data distribution network. This provides high-bandwidth, low-latency access to LBNE data. This is still under development.


RACF provides and SCP server


This allows you top SCP files to it but it only "sees" the limited "user" home directories and not the many /data* directories (it does see GPFS). So, it can be used for smallish files which can then be moved to a data disk.


From any LBNE node you should be able to SCP to any external host which is accessible.

Fermilab Issues

To connect to Fermilab computers from an RACF host you must set up Kerberos. Follow these steps.

Produce a Kerberos configuration file with the contents shown below:

   kdc = krb-fnal-fcc3.fnal.gov:88
   kdc = krb-fnal-2.fnal.gov:88
   kdc = krb-fnal-3.fnal.gov:88
   kdc = krb-fnal-1.fnal.gov:88
   kdc = krb-fnal-4.fnal.gov:88
   kdc = krb-fnal-enstore.fnal.gov:88
   kdc = krb-fnal-fg1.fnal.gov:88
   kdc = krb-fnal-fg2.fnal.gov:88
   kdc = krb-fnal-cms188.fnal.gov:88
   kdc = krb-fnal-cms204.fnal.gov:88
   kdc = krb-fnal-d0online.fnal.gov:88
   kdc = krb-fnal-cdfonline.fnal.gov:88
   kdc = krb-fnal-nova-fd.fnal.gov:88
   kdc = krb-fnal-soudan.fnal.gov:88
   master_kdc = krb-fnal-admin.fnal.gov:88
   admin_server = krb-fnal-admin.fnal.gov
   default_domain = fnal.gov

Set an environment variable to point to it:

bash> export KRB5_CONFIG=/path/to/the/krb5.cfg
tcsh> setenv KRB5_CONFIG /path/to/the/krb5.cfg

Do the usual:

$ kinit username@FNAL.GOV

Then SCP as desired:

$ cd /data0/lbne/path/to/my/files
$ scp FERMISERVER.fnal.gov:/path/to/wherever/file.root .