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Long Baseline Neutrino Calendars

Events such as meetings and reviews are stored and managed via the Google Calendar account. See the sections below for how you can contribute to or use these calendars.

For Calendar Users

The individal Google calendars may be accessed in a variety of ways using the information on the pages linked below.

For Google Calendar Users

Adding All Calendars

You can add all calendars in one go by clicking on the "+ Google Calendar" button on the above calendar. You can then later turn off individual calendars you wish to ignore and/or unsubscribe to them.

Adding Individual Calendars

You can add any of these calendars above individually to your own Google Calendar on the web in one of two ways:

  • click on the calendar name to visit the calendar and then click on the "+ Google Calendar" button on the bottom-right corner of the screen


  • copy and paste the code which looks like an email address ( into the "Add a friend's calendar" entry under "Other calendars" on your Google Calendar page.


You can turn on "reminders" for a calendar. To do this, click on the pop-up menu associated with the calendar listed in the sidebar. Then, "Calendar settings"->"Reminders and notifications" and "Event reminders". Don't forget to save.

For Android Users

You can display these calendars on your Google Calendar app on your Android device. First add the calendar as above through a web browser. Then on your Android device open the Google Calendar app, from the menu select "Calendars to display" and push the "Calendars to sync" button. From the list, assure that you have checked all the "LBN" calendars you wish to display. You may need to do a single manual refresh to immediately see the change.

For Calendar Owners

A calendar "owner" is an individual who takes responsibilty to manage a calendar associated with one particular LBN effort. Usually this is a group or project leader managing meetings or reviews that cover their area.

To gain the necessary access to an existing calendar or to request a new one send email to with the following info:

  • your Google account name (email address) if not sending via Gmail
  • the name of the calendar to manage or add (best if it starts with "LBN")

If you have not already, add the calendar as described above. If a your callendar is new you may need to refresh this page. After access is granted you will be able to add/remove events or edit existing ones as if the LBN calendar is your own.

Guidelines for Calendar Owners

Please consider:

  • Do not set an explicit color on events as it overrides what the user may set
  • Coordinate with other calendard owners to not duplicate events nor omit any

For long.baseline (admin)

The steps for the administer of the calendar system:

  1. Make sure the long.baseline account is forwarding email to an address which you check
  2. If the request is for a new calendar assure it is named with an "LBN" prefix, create it.
  3. If the owner does not have an account make one
  4. If new, add a GoogleCalendarLink to the section above and fill out this form. The info needed is accessible from "Other calendars"->the calendar->"Calendar settings"->"Calendar Address"
  5. Make sure new calenders are set to use Central Time.
  6. Grant premission to the requester: "My Calendar"->"Calendar settings"->"Share this Calendar"->"Add person" and don't forget "Save". Nominal permission to grant is "Manage changes to events"
  7. Respond to the requester

Other Calendars

The LBN collaboration and LBNE project maintain information about events which may not be captured in the Google calendars. They are described here.

Doc DB

The Document Database serves a calendar of events:

The events presented here include links to presentation and additional support material associated with the event itself.


The FNAL Indico site maintains conferences and meetings. It is organized as a hierarchy of topics. LBN has ended up with two categories:

The events here may contain presentation material or may link into DocDB. Any material directly held by Indico should be somewhat "ephemeral" in nature. If you want your ideas kept for posterity, put the material in DocDB!

LBNE Project SharePoint

The LBNE Project maintains various time-based information including:

The events here are focused on DOE Project activities with overlap in the wider collaboration in the form of review agendas. All documents relevant to the collaboration should be placed in DocDB with links added to the relevant agenda. Do not store collaboration documents directly in this system! Note, when review agendas are created here they are often NOT created in DocDB so you MUST go to these links if you want to discover all documents presented at a review.

Work is in progress to sync the collaboration-oriented Google calendars into the project oriented SharePoint ones, and vice versa.