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|Has name=Brookhaven National Lab
|name=Brookhaven National Lab
|Has nickname=BNL
|Has street address=PO Box 5000
|address=P.O. Box 5000
|Has city=Upton
|Has region=NY
|Has country=USA
|Has postcode=11973-5000
|Has location=40.8705292, -72.8840914
|Has URL=http://www.bnl.gov/
|Has Facility=RACF
|street address=PO Box 5000
BNL is owned by [[Is owned by::DOE]].

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Has name Brookhaven National Lab
Has nickname BNL
Has street address P.O. Box 5000
Has city Upton
Has region NY
Has country USA
Has postcode 11973-5000
Has location 40.87076,-72.880078The "_geo" type of this property is invalid
Has url http://www.bnl.gov/
Has facility RACF

{{#display_map: 40.87076,-72.880078}}

BNL is owned by DOE.