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Display a map

{{#display_map: 40.8705292, -72.8840914}}

{{#display_map: 40.8705292, -72.8840914}}

Result form

List of institutions

 Has nameHas url
Brookhaven National LabBrookhaven National Labhttp://www.bnl.gov/

List of institutions owned by DOE in default result format (table)

 Has urlHas country
Brookhaven National Labhttp://www.bnl.gov/USA

Same, but use an unordered list:

BNL is owned by DOE. That ownership in the previous sentence is a result of a query.


 Has countryIs owned by
Brookhaven National LabUSADOE

external data

{{#get_db_data: db=collab |from=members_institution |limit=10 |where=1 |data=nick=short_name,name=full_name,country=country,address=address }}

Simple text


  • {{{nick}}}, {{{address}}}, {{{country}}}


As table:

Name Address Country{{#for_external_table:
{{{name}}} {{{address}}} {{{country}}}