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As of 2016 this page is work in progress. As the development of online systems for protoDUNE continues, more content will be added. See protoDUNE online buffer pages for more info.


Currently there is a small DUNE Cluster (for historical reason named "lbne cluster") at Brookhaven National Lab under the umbrella of RACF RHIC and ATLAS Computing Facility. The machines have names like lbne0001 etc. Xrootd software is deployed on all of these. To utilize it, the user needs to be authenticated with a X.509 certificate by the xrootd service and authorized to access it by system administrators (please contact Brett Viren or Maxim Potekhin for further information.

Once authorized on the site, the user will need the use the following commands to obtain the Grid proxy:

setenv GLOBUS_LOCATION /afs/rhic.bnl.gov/@sys/opt/vdt/globus
source $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/globus-user-env.csh

...and enter the passphrase as required. This will make sure the user can be authenticated to the xrootd service is allowed to use it.

The following is an example of a shell command that will transport a single file from FNAL to BNL:

xrdcp root://lbnelrd.rcf.bnl.gov//lbne/mc/lbne/simulated/001/singleparticle_antimu_20140801_Simulation1.root \

Possible xrootd architecture for medium term

The idea behind the architecture proposed here is to achieve federation of storage and access to data across a few data centers (e.g. national labs) with modest amount of effort and resources. In this approach, this is effectively achieved by using a "global redirector" which allows xrootd services to locate a particular piece of data within the federation.




  • There is a comprehensive review of dCache/xrootd. This document is quite relevant as it explains how dCache storage at FNAL is equipped with a "xroot door" so that the data content of dCache is exposed to external clients.

Advice to beginners on running a XRootD service

See the Basic XRootD page which contains a few helpful tips on how to install and start running a basic XRootD cluster for initial experimentation.

Global Paths

For Xrootd we can have global Xrootd paths like:


But, in the future we may want to serve data files on other protocols but in the same domain/namespace. Ie:


Since the two are on different ports this should be okay.

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