Installation and Integration

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Integration and Installation

Far Detector Integration

The interface between the Conventional Facilities and the cryogenic/cryostat with the Far Detector are a major component of the integration group for DUNE.

Key Documents


The general plan for how materials will be transported to and within SURF is found in the SURF Logistics Assumptions document.

Key documents and events related to the SURF logistics are:

Surface Facilities

CUC DATA and Control room

Ross/Yates Shaft Hoisting

The basic information related to hoisting is summarized in DOCDB 328 Far Site Shaft Hoisting Assumptions and Parameters.

Reference documents in DOCDB 328:

Underground facilities

The far site conventional facilities is using the information from the Drift Study for referencing the maximum size objects that need to be accommodated by the surf infrastructure.

Interface Management

The interfaces between Conventional Facilities and the Far Detector are documented through a series of Interface Control Documents that are agreed upon by both LBNF and DUNE. The ICDs themselves generally only identify the interface and then refer to a separate key document to describe and define the interface.

LBNF Systems Engineering webpage for interface management

Screen Shot Sys-Eng-web.png

Interface Control Documents

Single-Phase Far Detector Installation

Cryostat internal installation

Material Handling

manlift Palazzani

Roof access is primarily necessary during electronics cabling and deployment of the FC panels. An areal platform will be used when work at heights is required. One possibility which was used quite successfully are the Palazzani Industrie platforms. Palazzani areal platforms

Data Sheet for a small platform (1m wide) areal lift

Dual-Phase Far Detector Installation


Underground Views

ENH1 Schedule


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