P3s notes

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  • running on Openstack: p3s-web, p3s-db, p3s-content
  • the p3s Web service is p3s-web.cern.ch, currently visible only within the CERN perimeter or via a ssh tunnel

Software and Software Provisioning

  • LArSoft/dunetpc will be periodically built at CERN by Tom Junk and Jingbo Wang
    • software set up using CVMFS and EOS
    • tested at scale under p3s
  • AFS will be available on lxplus/lxbatch till the end of 2018
    • still heavily used by the LHC experiments
    • its “EOS equivalent” works but is still work in progress

If client scripts need a customized Python environment (e.g. python modules etc) this can be achieved using the "virtual environment" where various software can be managed in the user space. This approach still needs common AFS or EOS area to be provisioned to the WN since the required version of Python binary and the packages need to be hosted somewhere.= Deployment Status =

AFS directories

Production user is "np04dqm". There are two categories of AFS storage available at CERN:

  • user space optimized for low latency (you'll probably want to use this for development and other work)
  • work space optimized for throughput (probably more suitable to provide software for the WNs)

For the production identity these two areas correspond to


The quotas have been expanded to 10 and 100GB respectively.


See http://batchdocs.web.cern.ch/batchdocs/