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SAM (Sequential Access via Metadata) is a system by and at Fermilab for providing a database that ties metadata to file locations, allows file set definition and query, and other features. See also Metadata.


SAM may be accessed via an HTTP API called SAM Web Services.

Some information resources about SAM Web

Sam Web Client

Access to SAM Web is made easier through the SAM Web Client client-side Python module and command line interface tool called samweb.

Installation of sam-web-client package

Using samweb

Command line help


Locate a file's URL:

$ samweb -e lbne get-file-access-url lbne_r006837_sr01_20160112T213253.root

Locate a file:

$ samweb -e lbne locate-file lbne_r006837_sr01_20160112T213253.root

Access metadata:

$ samweb -e lbne get-metadata lbne_r006837_sr01_20160112T213253.root
              File Name: lbne_r006837_sr01_20160112T213253.root
                File Id: 189051
            Create Date: 2016-01-12T22:09:17+00:00
                   User: dunepro
            Update Date: 2016-01-12T22:28:26+00:00
            Update User: lbnepro
              File Type: test-data
            File Format: root
              File Size: 1762859968
               Checksum: enstore:1713616759
         Content Status: good
                  Group: lbne
              Data Tier: raw
            Application: art daqag v00_00_01
            Event Count: 280695
            First Event: 1
             Last Event: 280695
             Start Time: 2016-01-12T21:32:16+00:00
               End Time: 2016-01-12T21:55:46+00:00
lbne_data.detector_type: 35t:penn01:rce13:rce09:rce08:rce07:rce06:rce05:rce04:rce03:rce02:rce01:rce00:rce10:rce11:rce15:rce12:rce14 Test
     lbne_data.run_mode: rces_and_ssps_and_ptb
                   Runs: 6837 (test)